I am Nathan Wright. My work is very creative, I love working with people, be it portrait studio work or weddings and events. I have a studio in a beautiful part of Berlin, Kreuzberg, where I have shot many interesting people. Over many years I have made my own stock of images that I use to get the conceptual and creative portraits. I can do bespoke portraits for you. People for thousands of years have had their portraits done, abstract or realist.


My other passion in life is urbex, or urban exploration. I have been visiting old, abandoned buildings, like castles, barracks, hospitals and bunkers for as long as I can remember. Now I live in Berlin, where there is a wealth of disused barracks, hospitals and government buildings, all with a lot of history connected to them. My travels are now taking me further afield, in my constant search for that magical, undisturbed and forgotten place. There are many old GDR building left untouched by vandals.

I like a creative challenge, so if you have any ideas that you need bring to life, please contact me.

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